NCAA Football: Colorado State at Alabama

The Game of Alabama Vs. Colorado: A Review

After 2 years of poor play Alabama is starting the 2013 season off with a slightly rocky start. It’s early in the season with only a few games played but the team is showing a glimmer of promise. The running game for this team against Virginia was lacking and the defense was less than stellar, […]


10 Top Memories of Bryant Being With The Tide

With Football being a sport having incredible focus on the national level, one cannot pass up the opportunity to learn about a legendary coach who paved a lot of roads on the college level. In celebration of the 100th birthday of Coach Bear Bryant, the Alabama Football website takes a slideshow look at the top […]


Coach Saban’s ‘A Change on Targeting Rule Plan’

Alabama’s coach Nick Saban wants the Targeting rule to be changed. During a recent game against Texas, Clinton Dix was flagged for hitting a receiver high. The team was penalized by 15 yards, and Clinton Dix was ejected. After the replay however, he was allowed back in, however, the yard 15 yard penalty was not […]


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Alabama’s Defensive Struggles… Fact Or Fiction?

After Week 1 it seemed that the Alabama Offensive line had taken a vacation for the season and Nick Saban was going to have to whip his boys back into that rolling tide shape we have all come to know. However the difference between week one and there current level of play. It seems the […]


T.J. Yeldon’s Humble Apology After His Controversy

Alabama’s true sophomore running back, T.J. Yeldon, apologized for his throat slash gesture while celebrating following his four yard touchdown run that put Alabama up 28-14 in their victory over Texas A&M this past Saturday. Yeldon’s celebration drew controversy after he mocked the “money sign” celebration, popularized by Texas A&M and star heisman winning quarterback […]


Does BAMA Have A Problem On Defense? Is Johnny Football Just That Good?

Two weeks in to the college football season, the Alabama Crimson tide have concerns about the quality of their defense. The biggest source of questions comes from their performance against the up tempo attack of the Texas A & M Aggies and superstar quarterback Johnny Manziel. While they knew about his eye-popping talent — he […]

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